Note: this article is intended for developers. If you are an end user looking for a WordPress image editing plugin, try Scissors and Watermark. The WordPress 3.5 team has given us a super easy way to edit photos programmatically using the wp_image_editor class. This WordPress image editing tutorial will give usage examples of all image editing methods available […]

The wp_image_editor_supports function checks to see if the WordPress image editor (wp_image_editor) is capable supporting your image file type and manipulation methods that you plan to use. It tests against two different image manipulation libraries, GD and ImageMagick. This is a new function for WordPress 3.5. The wp_image_editor_support function is found in wp-includes/media.php. What you can test Available […]

It’s hard to switch out of “normal” MySQL mode and start working with data stored in key/value format. The ‘wp_options’ table is an example of storing data in this key/value format. I was working on a cron job that required data from the ‘wp_options’ table. This is how I got where I needed to go:


There are a few links that are included in your WordPress blog header that can be removed. Removing unnecessary code from your page header is a good idea for the following reasons: Your important page content gets moved further up on the page You increase your content to code ratio You pages will load faster. Visitors will not notice, […]

I just converted a Joomla 1.5.9 website to Wordpress. It helped reinforce my dislike for Joomla.

Anyway, this website had close to 1000 Joomla users that needed to be migrated into Wordpress. I did some reading and figured I would lose the user’s password in the process. Not so! Thanks to a (not so well documented) plugin, I was able to convert the Joomla users to Wordpress with 100% functionality. All user information I needed was preserved including name, username, password, and registered date.

Client Delays & Not Getting Paid A client decides they need a website as soon as possible. You get a website design and development agreement signed and ask them if they have the site content ready. They say “no, but we have this print flier with content for the home page. We will get the […]

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